Advice for Competitors


Racing Rules of Sailing (Rule 3) explains that it is the responsibility of the person-in-charge (of the boat) to decide whether, or not, to put to sea.

  • prevailing weather conditions, and
  • experience of the crew.

Postponed or Abandoned Races

Circumstances whereby a race may be postponed or abandoned:

  • The Series Officer, or the Race Officer, may Postpone a race (on the day of the race) when less than two boats are signed-on.
  • Races of the series not run before the the series is finalised will be deemed abandoned.
  • RaceComm may Abandon a race before the start, or Postpone a race, at any time.

Racing Information

Information published in the Race Calendar may change without notice and without change to the downloadable Year-to-View Race Calendar.

(2) The revision status of any racing document is stated in the lower right corner of each page.

(3) A major revision to a racing information document will be Marked (in the title of the document): ‘AMENDMENT’ plus the amendment ID; e.g. “AMENDMENT A”.

(4) The Race Officer must be afforded clear opportunity to maintain impartiality at all times – Competitors are reminded not to lobby the Race Officer, albeit to postpone the start of a race or for any other purpose which may be deemed to challenge impartiality of race management.