Since our inception in 1978, BMYC has built a reputation for competitive year round yachting.  We aim to offer racing on every weekend of the year;  Around-the-Can racing using our own fixed marks off Brighton Marina, Coastal races and passages across the English Channel.

From Spring to Summer we offer opportunities to race on Wednesday evenings and throughout the year our members take part in events around Britain and the rest of the world.

We welcome new racing members whether seasoned campaigners or those new to the sport:

Owners – Racing is a great way to improve your sailing skills and make more use of your boat. You do not need a sophisticated racing boat to get involved.  Many of the boats racing are standard cruisers and we use a handicap scoring system that is friendly to beginners.  If you ask questions you will find that you will never be short of answers.

Crew – Our Racing member/boat owners are always on the lookout for crew, could you take up an offer..?

So why not give it go..?